Friday, 4 March 2016

Receive Children, Receive Me

The first Friday in March is the Women's World Day of Prayer. This year our theme, prepared by the women of Cuba is "Receive Children, Receive Me" based on Jesus words in Mark Chapter 10. The cover of our order of service is a painting by Cuban Artist Ruth Mariet Trueba Castro. She says
In a wall of yellow, the colonial colour, stands an open door, symbolising unity and working together. Above the door, the stained glass lights in the colours of the Cuban flag.
Outside, the country road is lined with royal palms, the national tree of Cuba. The ox cart takes the men home from work. On the left, we see partof the figure of a woman. Her hand holds the smaller hand of the child. The different skin colours represent the diversity of the Cuban people.

Jesus says 'unless you become like little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of God' and he has dire warnings for those who cause children to stumble.

If you pray, then especially today remember the children of Cuba - a country which is changing fast, and seeking to build bridges with other nations - especially the USA.
I shall be attending a morning service at a nearby Catholic Church, then leading a service at our own church this evening. If you are able, do try and check one out in your area!


  1. Doing the assembly around Cuba at school this morning [thank you!] and then leading worship in one of our churches later in the morning. Looking forward to some thoughtful worship xx

    1. Praying your assembly has gone well. Just off to my first service of the day!

  2. Lovely thought provoking post Angela. xCathy


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