Monday, 21 March 2016

Travelling In Style

I just love this! Although I am not sure it would be very safe now. There were fewer cars on the roads 75 years ago. I have been riding my bicycle much more, recently, which must be a good thing in terms of my general health and fitness.
My poor little Toyota suffered terribly in London last week - it was parked in Liz's tree-lined street for 48 hours, and the pigeons decorated the roof and windows most generously - we had to get the jet washer out. 
The milometer tripped over 50,000 miles somewhere on the M3 on Wednesday night. I wasn't in a position to stop and take a photo as I did with my Daewoo back in June 2014. I liked that car very much - but I am enjoying this one even more. It feels like utter luxury to have central locking, air conditioning and a CD player. With all these trips to London and back, it is lovely to have a comfortable journey.
Thank you Carole for the video clip, and Bob for help with the car washing!


  1. I never saw one growing up in Suffolk but always lots of tots on the back of the bike and sometimes the front. We biked everywhere and the roads were quieter but accidents did happen. My mum came off her bike and had a very bad jagged gash on her face which resulted in a scar for the remainder of her life. Although I think today plastic surgery would have helped.

  2. Ha ha poooo!!! Good old Bob!


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