Monday, 7 March 2016

Kind Thoughts

I have been really surprised to receive so many cards [and e-cards] congratulating us on becoming grandparents. People are so thoughtful - and it is lovely to feel that they want to share our joy. they look so pretty on the mantelpiece.

Three particularly lovely cards arrived over the weekend - 
  • a huge handmade card- a gift from one of our young friends at church, who was so excited to know about the baby.
  • a Mothering Sunday Card from Steph [those are my Church Daffs - all the women received a posy yesterday morning]
  • A starry get well card for Bob, who has been a bit poorly over the weekend - made for him by the children at church.

Steph has Scrabble letters on her fridge- she knows how much I enjoy leaving her messages when I visit - os this card was especially good.
Cards are simple things - but carry so much love and good wishes. And it is always a joy to find 'real' post on the doormat.
Thank you friends!


  1. Just catching up on your news - congratulations on becoming grandparents!

  2. Just seeing this news. Congratulations!!!

  3. These are lovely! Cards are great to cheer you up!x


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