Thursday, 17 March 2016

No Train Reservations

I don't mention my mother in law much on the blog - it is 30 years this month since she died. She was a fantastic lady, who taught me so much in the few years that I knew her. Growing up in Belgium during WW2, she learned to be thrifty and resourceful. She was gifted at needlework and knitting, and passed on some techniques to me for which I will always be grateful. When Liz was born, she took two of her old M&S skirts and remade them into little pinafore dresses. One is a fine checked woollen fabric, the other a bright red crimplene. She added little motifs at the hem. When I just fetched these down from the loft, I was very pleased to see that my dear M-I-L did not share any reservations about putting vehicles on garments for girls. 

Aren't these lovely? and now they can be worn by the next generation. We miss you Mum!


  1. They have lasted well and how lovely to pass them down.

  2. How resourceful, what lovely dresses, thanks for sharing, Vee x

  3. Indeed she was a very resourceful woman, and how blessed you were to have her in your life, even if only for a short time! Happy to have met you today Angela! I blog over in the US, and am happy to meet people from all around the world... hope you have a blessed day!

  4. I love these dresses--they remind me of the things my mother made for me when I was young.


  5. That's lovely!! I love that type of thing!Xx

  6. They are lovely. I think littlies look so cute in pinafore dresses.


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