Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Everything Stops For Tea!

We went out for a drive to Lyndhurst - it is quite touristy, there were three coaches in the main car park and groups of people clearly holidaymakers, wandering round the town. ...and this was on a wet Tuesday morning in March. It must be absolutely heaving with visitors once sunny June arrives. But we found a fantastic teashop - named Tea Total!

Bob drank 'Go Nuts' - A heady mix of rich pecan & almond combined with the delightful flavour of finest Rooibos make this a taste sensation. Sure to delight all of those who enjoy the sweeter things in life!

I had 'Passage to India'.For those who love a taste of spice & the orient! A fragrant and captivating blend of Ginger, Cardomom, Spices & Ceylon Tea. A perfect chai to enjoy with hot milk or without.

The shop is lovely, with clear menus and lots of different drinks to choose from. The business is run by an enthusiastic husband and wife team who clearly know their stuff about brewing tea. The tea dispensers are very clever - you have a timer to tell you how long to let the tea brew, then when ready, you put them on top of the cup, and the drink is dispensed.

When we said we lived in Ferndown, they said "Thirty Seven!" which is our favourite coffee shop, just round the corner. "We supply their teas" they said. So even though he is cutting back on caffeine, Bob can still go round to 37 for a cuppa. 

They do serve coffee  in Tea Total- and hot chocolate, and fruit drinks, despite their name. Also there are the most delicious home made cakes under glass domes on the counter. If you find yourself in Lyndhurst, and feeling thirsty, this is the place I would recommend you go!

[yes, I know this post is tagged Dorset, and Lyndhurst is in Hampshire, sorry!]


  1. I am really hoping that the bit about "Sunny July" is prophecy

  2. I second Nearly Martha!!! It sounds wonderful! There is a great place in Chelmsford called 'Small Talk tea rooms' which has an amazing selection of teas that I like!!


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