Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Speaking With My Mouth Full

We are just into this year's Fairtrade Fortnight - this year the theme is focusing on our first meal of the day - 
How do the contents of our breakfast tables reflect our concern for food producers around the globe? 
If we have children, are they aware of the work that is done by many really poor people, to grow the bananas, the cocoa, the rice and the coffee we enjoy? 
Is the coffee served each Sunday after our church services from a Fairtrade source, or just the cheapest the catering committee can find [or a non FT namebrand 'because that's what people like'?]

Here's a breakfast grace I learned as a child
O Lord, make me not, like porridge, Slow to boil and thick to stir, Make me like cornflakes, Crisp, fresh and ever ready to serve

And here is an alternative one that I learned recently
O Lord, grant that we may not be like cornflakes: lightweight, empty and cold; but like porridge – warm and comforting and full of natural goodness

Whichever one you prefer, remember to be grateful for the food you have, and to act responsibly to all those involved in its provision.


  1. Ang, thank you very much for this post. I am surrounded by challenges on food, and parenting, and food and parenting this week. You bring together so many of my thoughts so helpfully x


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