Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lemon Tree Very Pretty...

Does anyone still sing this little song, recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1962? It is a sweet tune, but rather cynical about love. It also claims that lemons are impossible to eat. Well, yes, I would not eat one in the way I eat an orange, apple or banana - but added to cooking, they make all the difference. Back in February, I used my leftover Pancake Party Lemons to make Preserved Lemons [full details here

The two jars have been stored in a dark cupboard, and rotated well every Thursday - and now they are ready for use. [Once opened, jars must be stored in the fridge but should keep there for at least 6 months]
This week I used some chicken left over from Sunday lunch to make a simple tagine. I took some of the peel from the jar, rinsed off all the salt and scraped off the pulp. Then I cut the lemon into thin shreds. 

Some went into the tagine, and some went into the salad along with a 'good lug of olive oil' as Jamie would say. I picked some fresh mint from the garden and made a pot of mint tea [ a few strips of fresh orange peel were zested into the teapot] and more mint was scattered over the couscous.
I am really pleased that these have worked so well. They certainly added some zing to the salad, and an authentic taste to the tagine. Maybe these two jars will last me a full months - until next year's Pancake Party!

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  1. One of my favorite songs! My mother used to make a type of preserved lemons, which were then added to different dishes. I now have three lemon trees in my garden and more fruit than I know what to do with them!


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