Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mathematical Madness

What happened on Thursday? What was so special about my blog that day? It received a mahoosive 4256 hits. This is more than twice as high as my previous record, and six times my average daily hits. I don't check every day - but being a maths geek I look sometimes, and this one has got me flummoxed. I didn't mention any popular phrase that might show up in search engines [like "Benedict Cumberbatch", "Game of Thrones" or "Doctor Who"]
Maybe there are people out there who are obsessive about the Forestry Commission or Julia Donaldson and have Google Alerts for them.

Can anyone explain the Dark Arts of the Internet to me? I really don't understand these things...


  1. Go figure? One of life's eternal mysteries!

  2. It may be the word "competition". There are a lot of compers out there!

    1. That's a very intelligent suggestion!

  3. it could be these robo things from Russia or somwhere

  4. My blog suddenly gets a large amount of hits inexplicably-I've never understood it!!!Xx

  5. Same thing inexplicably happened to me last week! On 2 days - got a bit excited until I realised it was not going to continue! Cheers


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