Saturday, 19 March 2016

Painting The Forth Bridge

It is UK National Clear Your Clutter Day today - I only discovered this last night. But I shall put some time in today to sorting out a cupboard or two. But looking at their map, it seems that it is not quite the whole country involved - so maybe those of us in Dorset have an excuse for not knowing about it! The Scots are clearly more involved than we are!

 You can find out more here and there is a free booklet to download and also a Pinterest Board with helpful ideas. Personally, I shall avoid the Internet today as much as I can - it is very easy to get distracted and waste time reading about how to declutter, and not really achieve any decluttering! 
What is your best tip for this process? For me, it always feels like painting the Forth Bridge; as fast as I get one area cleared, more stuff seems to arrive to fill up somewhere else.


  1. Oh good, so Cornwall isn't involved!

  2. I cannot believe your beautiful home EVER needs decluttering!

  3. Decluttering is an ongoing process I find, if only we didn't acquire more "stuff" it wouldn't have to happen! Good luck with your endeavours, Vee x

  4. I decluttered over 1300 items last year. This year has been slower - I'm only at 77, but I have a lot of clothes to clear out due to unexpected weight loss over the last 5 months, so the number should rise this week.

    1. Very impressed by last year's total, 25 items a week is good going, But 77 is pretty impressive. It is 5.30pm and I am very pleased with the progress made with my kitchen cupboards today. the

  5. You already know my difficulty with this. Sigh... but I will get there!!!x


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