Friday, 18 March 2016

The Dullards In Bolwich

On my return from London, I mentioned to Bob that I had seen some interesting bollards in Dulwich. Witty bloke that he is, he replied "and are there also dullards in Bolwich?" . My Mum's maiden name was Spooner, and although we cannot prove we are related, the family has always been fond of the word play known as Spoonerisms - named after Rev William Spooner, Dean of New College Oxford. He was famous for muddling his sentences, swapping initial letters of words. Quotes alleged to have lopped from his drips are
  • The Lord is a shoving leopard
  • Let's raise a toast to the queer old Dean [I suspect Victoria was not amused]
  • I have in my bosom a half-warmed fish [allegedly he actually said this to the Queen]
  • Do not fight liars in the quadrangle.
  • You've hissed my mystery lectures and wasted two whole worms, you will leave Oxford by the town drain.

Some famous modern Spoonerisms include 
  • The weather's bad outside, it is roaring with pain
  • You need to shake a tower
  • He is mean as custard
  • Mum's at home, chewing the doors
  • I must look into every crook and nanny

Favourites in our family include

  • Have you loaded with wish-dosher?
  • Clean up the crumbs with a BustDuster
  • We are going out to visit Nick and seedy Church members
But to get back to the Dullards of Bolwich** - I photographed the bollards

This cast iron street furniture was created by sculptor Antony Gormley in 2002 [the guy who did Angel of the North etc] He has named them Peg, Egg, Penis and Snowman.

**we were actually only on the way to Dulwich [I really enjoyed pushing Rosie's buggy in the sunshine] so these properly should be referred to as the Pollards of Beckham.


  1. That was a pun fost. As kids we used to say "Chish and Fips" and recently we have said "Botor Moat" and "Botor Myke".

  2. Ha ha!!! These are funny! We used to like making spoonerisms within one word in Indonesia when we studied there-
    apa kabar means how are you? But Apa BaKar means What's baking?
    KePaLA sakit means Headache and KeLaPa sakit means sick coconut!x


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