Saturday, 3 December 2011

“Get In The Picture” on Saturday

Last year on Christmas day I posted this picture, and said that Mel [pregnant at the last GITP event, and holding a doll here] had given birth ten weeks early. I asked for prayer for little Annabel Grace – in Intensive Care over Christmas, weighing just three pounds!

mel and shane

Just to let you know – Annabel is coming up to her first birthday very soon, and came with Mum and Great Gran to GITP this morning.

mel and co

Isn’t she beautiful ? – and we are all so thrilled to see the progress she has made. God has certainly answered our prayers for her.

Unfortunately today was incredibly windy, and the gazebos literally took to the air – we had to abandon things by 1pm, and pack up. What few photos we got today are here [although I believe Peter also has ‘unofficial’ ones of the team wrestling with flying gazebos]

I was a little disappointed to have to ‘shut up shop’ early, but it really wasn’t safe – costumes were flying about, the mirror blew over and broke…

We still made some good contacts though. This gentleman came and talked for ages yesterday, then returned, smartly dressed,today for his picture. Look at Bob’s knee! Not sure if he had been crawling on the floor laying lighting cables, or deep in prayer [probably both]

bob tom and x

This must be the Dog In The Manger

dog in manger

There’s more canine stuff going on round here, but I shall say more on that next week.

The GITP Team have been great over the past 2 days – helping with practical things, encouraging passers by to join in, assisting with dressing up, and so much more. And yet again, the staff of the Royal Oak have been so helpful [btw, they serve fabulous mussels and chips, have I mentioned that?]


  1. I love mussels and chips. We'll go if and when the Strawberries go on Grand Tour too! You know, I really very much love that photo of the Wise Men. Don't we usually only see pictures of Mary holding Jesus? But when you go to visit a baby, any baby, your instinct is to pick them up. SO maybe the Wise Men did have a hold and a prayer over his head. Maybe the shepherds picked him up as gently as they held newborn lambs? Our santons finally made it to the creche today- pictures tomorrow! Wonder if I could blutack Jesus to somebody.... That's a bit like the AMAZING story from Russia that Catherine has recently in An Angel in the Garden. Did you read it? Sort of thing you professional Christians could incorporate!!

  2. I remember your live nativity from last year.
    What a beautiful child little Annabel is ~ loved the pic with the garland around her head ~ a true little angel and answer to many prayers.
    Sorry you've had to fight the wind. Maybe tomorrow will be calm. :-)
    Take care,

  3. She is very beautiful. Just shows the power of prayer X

  4. Thanks Anne- and Anne for the comments.
    Mags - you are right, it is good that other people were able to get involved with the baby. But sorry, as there is no firm evidence for the veracity of the 'Two Babies In The Manger' story, I am afraid I shan't be using it as a sermon illustration! There's a strong suspicion that the story is fiction.


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