Wednesday, 2 November 2011

All Sewn Up At Last

I began the kilt on September 16th. And got diverted by making Bob’s pyjama trousers. Then there was a delay getting the strap. However, I can announce that the garment is finally properly finished and wearable!

DSCF2507The skirt began as an ankle length M&S kilt passed onto me by a friend who had no further use for it. I made myself a ‘toile’ from an old duvet cover, using this book to create the pattern.


Here’s the toile pinned to the original skirt. I had to cut the kilt from the lower part, avoiding the stitched pleats, and also avoiding the small hole I had spotted. Once washed and pressed, I used the wrong side of the fabric. It didn’t take that long – once I finally got started on the project – but there were lots of interruptions en route.



2011 kilt

Unlike Johnnie Boden, I have only put one strap [and a pin] on my kilt. I had problems stitching the strap on –I changed the needle on my machine for a ‘denim’ one and that helped. I found a second piece of tartan in my Stash, and I think I may possible make another kilt if the remnant is large enough. I’m very pleased with this one.


  1. How nice! It turned out great! :-)

  2. Very fashionable Angela. Such a good feeling to 'remake' something into another thing.

  3. Beautiful. I love it! Will you wear boots with it too? Repurposing is a good thing.

  4. Really love. I want a quilt!

    I have decided that "druthers" comes from the phrase "what would you rather?" Say it very, very fast and you could see it devolving into "druthers."



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