Monday, 24 September 2012

Almond Essentials

almond essence

I’ve just put in my latest order to Approved Foods. I do this every three months or so. I'm not alone in this – Morgan has just posted about her order, and Froogs has mentioned AF in a post this weekend too.

Froogs referred to making a Bakewell tart using some of the Almond Essence she got when AF was selling it ridiculously cheaply - £1 for a tray of 12 bottles. I did that too! It was de rigeur, with my surname. But I’m not using it up very fast

So, dear friends, can you tell me – what are your favourite recipes which require almond essence, please? I need inspiration here!


  1. I remember reading a recipe somewhere for a cherry cake, which had almond essence in it - I think that would be a good combination.

    I have also heard that sniffing almond essence can be an appetite suppressant!

    Can't think of anything else at the moment, but I will keep my thinking hat on for you...

  2. Sorry, no recipes from me Ang - I love almonds, but can't stand almond essence!

  3. I recently made a berry bakewell cake, using a recipe in this month's Morrison's supermarket magazine:

  4. I love pastry with a nice almond frosting. I don't make it though because it is impossible to resist.

  5. I make cherry cakes with almond essence and flaked alomonds on top - very nice :)

  6. I feel the same way as Scarlet!
    Jane x

  7. cherry and almond go together really well....

    Here is a cookie recipe:


  8. Oooh, not really got any recipes, I never really cook sweet things, only savoury! Thanks for your kind comments on the Back to church Sunday and how funny that your gran lived in Leigh! I haven't been there much before but my Mum loves it and Hadleigh and has always told me about them so it was nice to finally get there and see them!x

  9. I'm a big marzipan fan, and love the home-made stuff my mum produces. But forget battenburg, having lived in Germany, especially in the run up to Christmas, marzipan abounds - Stollen is good but I really like marzipan slabs coated in quality chocolate - they like to press different dried fruits or nut in before coating. Delish


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