Thursday 27 September 2012

Doing The Lambeth Walk!

So very grateful not to be an Anglican this week!  The Crown Nominations Committee is meeting to decide on the next ABC [ArchBishop of Canterbury] The BBC has listed some front-runners


Auntie suggests these; the Bishops of York, London, Durham, Coventry and Norwich [and also Leicester, Bradford, Liverpool and Worcester]

I am making no comments because I really have no idea which one is the right person- but I pray that the Committee will be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they seek to find God’s servant for this incredibly difficult job.

And God bless the long-suffering spouse of the one who is elected – methinks her Christmas will be ruined this year!


  1. What a choice! Indeed, I hope that it is Spirit-led because there is such a wide scope of views and history in this group of candidates....

  2. Goodness, that will be a difficult choice- so important to be spirit-led!!

  3. I don't suppose Rowan Atkinson made the short list....

    And yes, may God guide the Committee.


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