Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Circle Of Friends

Today feels a bit strange – it is the first Tuesday in September – and for the past seventeen years, for me that has meant the first meeting of the new session for our Ladies Fellowship at Church. But we had our final meeting in July as numbers had dwindled so low.

It was a hard decision to close the group – but it was the right one. At the last meeting [a Garden Party at Sylvia's- in an appalling rainstorm] I was presented with two lovely gifts – a necklace, reminding me of the circle of friends in the group- and a photograph – taken back in about 2005. Many of these ladies are no longer with us, but I have such happy memories of them all.


DSCF4552This group represented the wisdom and experience of many years of Christian faith – always so interested in the life of the church. They supported all that was going on – and even if they could not participate in some of the more energetic activities of the younger folk, they would certainly be there encouraging them, praying, and giving generously.

WOP2012This week, I know the ones who are left are getting involved in our Week of Prayer. And this afternoon, I am at another church, giving a talk about Mum’s experiences at Bletchley Park – and taking two ladies with me. But it won’t be the same…


  1. I am at that very same stage, Angela, with watching my best and oldest friend battling pancreatic cancer, very bravely indeed. We had a lovely day on Sunday in the sunshine and I took lots of photos, all the while thinking it won't happen again next year.Sad times indeed.

  2. It's hard when things have to stop, but I like what you say about it being the right decision. Church life (and other things too) goes in cycles and changes according to the demographics - I've been in churches where the Young Wives' group was made up of people in their late 50s and 60s (sensibly, they changed the name)! With younger women working, the groups they can belong to have to work differently. I'm trying to see if I can get to an evening group this September - not easy with Ben often away, but now the boys are in their teens I hope it will work. Thanks for your lovely words about this special group, which have encouraged me to get involved.

  3. The same happened with our ladies group, it has dwindled very quickly since the older ladies left us.
    Jane x

  4. It's so sad to say goodbye to groups like this, but I believe Floss said it well, that Church life goes in cycles. Exciting to see what will happen next!


  5. I know that this is a totally trivial and therefore inappropriate comment after such a beautifully poignant post- but that colour of green is really fabulous on you!

    1. Why thank you Mags- what a lovely compliment!

  6. Thanks everyone - I was inappropriately amused by the comment from Floss about cycles following the recent picture on HER blog!

    But yes, church life DOES go on, and God is always leading us down unexpected pathways


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