Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sticking My Neck Out Here!

Slowly but surely the loft its being re-loaded [in between all the other urgent jobs that seem to take priority, like preparing for meetings, and washing clothes etc] I have been incredibly diligent about recycling, and filling a Charity Shop Box, and discarding things that need no longer be kept. The bathroom is getting emptier. But then…


Here is Kendal. She is almost half as tall as I am – and was a gift to Stephanie about 10 years ago.

I emailed Steph to ask what to do. I sensed that she was a little reluctant to part with this gift from a good friend [but then if that is the case, shouldn’t Kendal be cluttering up S’s place in Putney?]

But I finally decided that K should go with the Charity Shop stuff. Now, I am avoiding CS at the minute [it is 3 weeks since I even entered one!] but I did wander into WHSmith on Monday to flick through the magazines [determined not to buy one – just to look at them!] And well, I never! There on the front of the newest Martha Stewart Living magazine was…


The Doyenne Of Homemaking Style herself- and standing behind her is…Kendal’s big sister! So maybe we ought to hang on to our friendly Giraffa camelopardalis for just a little longer. Perhaps there is a corner of our home where she could stand stylishly? I mean, if Martha has one then they are clearly the epitome of fashion right now?

Kendal could always lurk in the corner behind the fig tree - the fruits are just becoming ripe enough to eat now…


  1. Yes, put the giraffe beside the tree. All the best homes have extraneous giraffes cluttering up the space. Especially effective at the front door to bewilder postmen and trip up visitors...

  2. No no no! Remember your mantra "I am a de-cluttering diva".
    Even the child in the pic is saying, "Martha, lose the giraffe"!!!!!

  3. Oh dear - that looks like one for, one against, and one undecided. How is a girl to decide, when her friends give such conflicting advice!

  4. In a bedroom as a clothes rack!
    Jane x

  5. Hang on to day there will be a call for him, maybe for a grandchild in the future. Let's be a bit sentimental!

  6. she can come and live in putney...

  7. Ha ha ha! I think you should keep her for your grands.


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