Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I’m Part Of The Ladybird Generation!

Morgan had a Giveaway recently – and I was privileged to be among the winners. The parcel arrived today – a lovely selection of little cookbooks. I shall enjoy reading through these at my leisure [Bob is away till Sunday night, and they will keep me occupied in his absence]


But I was really thrilled with the little postcard that was included with the package. Here is it – front and back



And I know I am part of the Ladybird Generation, because I have that very book on my bookshelf.It originally had a coloured paper dustjacket, but that was lost, years ago!


And inside, my Mum has written my name – with a collection of different coloured ballpoint pens!

How I loved this book – acquired in 1963, and made many of the items within it.

The ‘colourful whirr’ and the tin-can stilts, and the papier mache flowerpot holder, the wallpaper beads, miniature garden and potato prints were made over and over again. And then I made them with my younger brother, and Girls’ Brigade children, and my own children



I have lost count of the cotton wool snowmen I’ve churned out over the years – although my Mum insisted I used a cardboard tube, not a jam jar for his body [safer] and a screwed-up ball of newspaper to form the shape of his head [cheaper]. After all, I couldn’t possible waste a potato, and she was convinced it would shrivel and smell before the end of the Christmas season! I’m sure she was right.


I never did get to make a Wonderful Diver – we didn’t have any old fountain pens to cannibalise, they were all in regular use!


And this final one I did get to try [I think I bought the onion with my pocket money!] Mags, you might want to try this one with the boys. However, I think the technique I taught them last year with lemon juice is less tear-jerking!


So Morgan’s giveaway has given me lots of fresh inspiration for things to make in the kitchen – and lots of memories of things I used to make in years gone by! A Double Whammy! Thank you so much.


  1. Lemon juice invisible ink!! My Dad showed me how to do that...kept me out of mischief for hours.
    Jane x

  2. Wow, Angela...this takes me back! I remember Blue Peter making a lovely snowman one Christmas, using a coffee jar, a ball and loads of cotton wool roll. I expect loads of other people remember it too -- and a couple of years ago I resurrected the idea with my 3 daughters on one of those miserable overcast days at the start of the Christmas holidays. They loved making them, taking great care cutting out the little bits and pieces for eyes, walking stick, hat & scarf etc. to stick on, then they got really excited as they filled up the jar with lots of sweeties before replacing the head! Come to think of it, it's been a while, so maybe we'll do this again this year! Now how's that for a really easy and economical thing to make...and fun! I also find that making things that close to Christmas helps me really get in the festive mood.

  3. I love the postcards myself and looking through the box of them (100, from Amazon) has brought back no end of memories of books we had as children as my mum was very keen on Ladybird books and I had a shelf full of them!

    So pleased that it has evoked such lovely memories for you - and the blessing of you having the very book on your shelf!! Well, that was quite a co-incidence!

    Hope you enjoy the cookery leaflets as well xx

    1. I have about 20 Ladybird books I think - mostly from my childhood, a few from the 1980s when my daughters were small. And I would not part with them!

  4. You can do a diver with an empty 2l bottle and a ketchup sachet (with the possible addition of a paper clip to aid sinking). Fill the bottle with water & put the sachet in, then put the lid on. When you squeeze the bottle the diver should sink.

  5. I shall have to try this one- thanks for the idea!

  6. Oh wow! NOSTALGIA! I had that book two
    (though not the 1963 edition it has to be said!). I too have made loads of snowmen jars - filled with sweets or even the dreaded homemade bath salts (do you recall those.... ugh! washing soda and food colouring and maybe a drop of auntie thingies perfume!).

    Enjoy your books.

  7. I loved the Ladybird books too! My son has a wide selection on his shelf; some modern but mostly the books we have passed on.

  8. I had so many Ladybird books as a girl! They were sadly given away years ago but I have fond-memories of them! And books such as Peter and Jane, though I don't think they were Ladybird, or I am not sure! I loved this reminiscent post!

  9. We had this book too! Oh look at the snowman. I loved him!!

  10. I still have my copy of this book too. I loved making things from it - happy days. And obviously it must have been inspiring as we are all still creating!


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