Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dig This!


A week after the team from Leicester Uni started digging up the Car Park, they have announced significant progress in the hunt for the grave of Richard III. They have found the remains of a thick wall [indicative of an important  building such as a church] and fragments of medieval window tracery and glazed floor fragments. The tiles match similar ones in other church buildings in the City.


They are hoping to arrange Open Days next Saturday and Sunday – the dig has attracted global interest, and Channel 4 is filming a documentary to be shown later this year.

All very exciting stuff. I wonder what happens if/when they do find him? Will he be re-interred in the same spot? or moved into a grave in Leicester Cathedral just across the road? or, as a King of England, does he automatically get a plot in Westminster Abbey or Windsor?


  1. We've got a Heritage weekend coming up so I'm busy making up my itinerary. The trouble is there doesn't seem to be enough time to visit all the places of interest I would like. Will you be going to the Open Day?
    Love from Mum

    1. I am busy all day Sunday with our Village Fun Day - but hope I can get there sometime Saturday!

  2. We've been following this with interest in the Telegraph. What a fascinating find.

  3. Hi Angela, I do find this sort of thing fascinating and have been following it in the news. I will be sure to watch the documentary later in the year, I really do hope they find his remains.

  4. This is very exciting - thank you for keeping us posted.


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