Friday 28 September 2012

Supporting The Supporters


This weekend, hundreds of people will be hosting events in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Do try and get along to one of these activities if you possibly can. It is a brilliant charity helping so many cancer sufferers and their families.  

My young friend Sophie from church is involved in a fund-raiser with her friend Emily and I promised to give her some things to sell. I’ve taken some lovely butterfly fabric which was in my stash, along with a collection of hotel toiletries given to me by a friend recently returned from holiday. And I made some bags…DSCF4638DSCF4637DSCF4641 

The bags contain an assortment - shower gel, soap, shampoo and body lotion.

Then I covered a cardboard box with some more of the fabric, loaded it with the bags and tucked a few silk flowers round the edge.DSCF4642

Hoping Sophie and Co will raise lots of money for the good cause – I know they have been working very hard to prepare for it too.

Last week, the Charities Aid Foundation said that young people are not giving as much as the older generation. I am thrilled by the number of children and teenagers that I know who are so generous with their time and resources to help others. They deserve all our encouragement!


  1. The coffee mornings are a brilliant idea. I am making a cake to take to one tomorrow to raise money. It's great you have written about it on your blog.

  2. I hope your cake raises lots of money too!

  3. they look lovely...we had a little coffee morning with lots of cake...any excuse

  4. Hurray! I actually got to one of these events today - about 18 minutes from my house! Not bad for the south of France, hey? It was lovely - arranged through Facebook for a group of British women around Toulouse who'd neve actually met each other before, and had only got in contact via a Facebook group! Yet another example of how the internet creates really valuable connection...

  5. well done, I hope they raise a few pounds for the cause.


  6. I got to two coffee mornings - it felt as if the whole world was out in force, didn't it? What a wonderful sense of community, and so much money raised.


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