Saturday, 8 September 2012

Take Your Seats, Please!

A couple of years ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned my Mum’s tea knives. With pearl handles, there were six in the box, with engraved blades, two said ‘Have Faith in God’, two said ‘Seek Ye The Lord’ and two said ‘Jesus Saves’.

Mum’s ‘holy’ knives were a bit of a family joke – would you really want to serve a home made cake to your guest along with a message to Trust God- or the re-assurance that Jesus would save you? [from food poisoning perhaps?] But I was always a little sad that somewhere along the way Mum’s knives had been mislaid…

…Then something unexpected happened during Holiday Club Week. We were informed of another church which was closing down and had some chairs to dispose of – if we collected them we could have them, for a small donation. Now we have been concerned about the chairs in one room at the church for a whileDSCF2025.



Last summer Bob and I tried to remove the split upholstery, but they proved too complicated to refurbish. It was going to take hours to make each chair usable.

Then this summer we were offered these lovely blue ones – so Bob and I went over to collect them.


And while Bob and the pastor were loading chairs into the backs of the cars, I was in the kitchen with a kind lady who was giving me a huge stack of cereal bowls [we have lots of plates, mugs and cups- but few bowls in the church kitchen at Kirby] Is there anything else you need? she said. I mentioned a Bread Knife - I always have to take my own to church when we need to slice burger buns for BBQs.

She pulled open the cutlery drawer and gave me a lovely bread knife. And then I gasped – for there were three pearl handled tea knives.



I explained about my Mum’s set. “Please take them” she said. I said that I did not want them for the church kitchen – but for myself. But she insisted that it was better they were given a home where they’d be cherished. So now I have two of the ‘Have Faith’, and one of the ‘Seek The Lord’ knives!

So now our fellowship has been blessed with thirty new chairs [and some bowls and a breadknife] and I have some ‘holy’ knives just like the ones which were lost. I may get them out when the Connexion group comes round on Tuesday night!


  1. Hi Angela!
    Your post today brought back memories of the 'Apostle spoons' my mum had when I was a child. They were just the right size for me to eat my boiled egg! Over the years they gradually disappeared, so I was overjoyed to see a set at a school bazaar a couple of years ago. They were new, unused and still boxed, though the box was a bit tatty and torn. Unfortunately I don't think the stallholder really understood my excitement when I shrieked 'Ooh, look...Apostle spoons!' (Probably didn't know what they were all about, I suppose!). Just had to buy them, of course!

  2. I don't believe in coincidence!
    Jane x

  3. Lovely chairs and good news about the knives xx

  4. Oh yes, Wendy! Mum had some Apostle spoons too - and we always used them for boiled eggs. I wonder what happened to them.

    I came over to say what a seredipidous find, Angela. And how kind of the lady to give them to you.

  5. I'll keep my eyes open at the CS for some of those knives.
    Love from Mum

  6. I have some Apostle Spoons at Cornerstones- picked up in a Charity Shop the first summer we were there - my grandmother had a set. You are right Wendy - many people these days have no idea what they are!

  7. I know about Apostle spoons, although we never had any.

    This post though reminded me of something we were all having a laugh at when we visited St Davids whilst on holiday. The Cathedral shop was selling 'Holy socks' - they had Bible verses on the soles!


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