Monday, 17 September 2012

One Hundred And Sixty - And Counting…

What does 160 represent?


could be Fairtrade teabags


could be the bus from Sidcup to Catford


could be a Honda Motorbike


but for me it’s now the number of people signed up to follow my blog


I know there are still other people who read the blog who haven’t publicly signed up – but whoever you are, thanks for being there, and thank you for all your encouraging comments.

Some bloggers are very diligent and note the name of every new person who signs up and says “Welcome to new follower X” – I have left it too late to start that game – I usually have no idea who is a new reader! But you are all welcome – and I hope you find something here to interest, challenge, inform or amuse you.


  1. Way to go Angela. What I do is click on the new followers icon in my followers thing on the dashboard and often it will say what their links are - that is their blog or blogs. So I then visit their blog and leave a comment and thank them for the follow. It is also nice to then folow them back. Have a great week!

    1. I cannot find an icon for 'new followers' on my dashboard - just the list of all of you, new and old. Am in looking in the wrong place??
      I do follow up comments from 'new' people and have found some great blogs via that route

  2. Wow that must be such a nice feeling to see all those names that think your worthy of following. I have 38 followers and it makes me smile to see the number pop up when I log into Blogger.
    x x x

    1. Hope you - and family- all feeling better soon FR. Sorry to read you've all been struck down xx

  3. Yours is one of the first blogs I read when I have a always have something amusing/pertinant/though provoking/interesting (or all four!) to read. I don't "follow" you, but you're definitely bookmarked.

    I hope yopu win your "makeover" for Bob! Blessings xx

    1. Thanks FD - but looking at the other entries, some of the other men look REALLY DIRE and I suspect the winner will be someone else. But a new dark suit would be jolly useful!

  4. Congrats on 160 followers!

    I've never seen the "new followers" icon either - if you find it, could you do a post on it to clue in the rest of us? :)

  5. Congrats, Angela! I can't remember if I'm a follower or not--I'll check!


  6. I 'follow' you using Google Reader, does that count in your list or is it only people on blogger? Becuase I don't acutally blog myself I have no idea how blogger works!

  7. You're well worth 'following', Ang! I think Blogger has changed how it shows the 'followers' - if I see that my numbers have gone up I don't seem to be able to track down who that lovely new person is!


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