Friday, 14 September 2012

The Shirt I Hate Most, On The Man I Love Most!

Here is Bob in that hideous Hawaiian shirt [which he has even been been known to wear to conduct worship on a Sunday morning] and his very baggy black trousers. I am very proud of my man, who hast lost well over 1½ stone in weight since May 2011. But I am struggling with his wardrobe. It’s all too big, and his trousers will fall down, unless he wears a belt, and bunches the fabric round his waist, like Santa’s Sack. I’m a competent needlewoman, but alterations of this magnitude defeat me.
The very helpful man in our local M&S said they could alter suits to fit – but only up to a 4” waist reduction, and Bob has slimmed way beyond that. IMHO Bob needs a dark suit for conducting funerals and looking like a Proper Minister.
m&s Savile Row
Above is one of the lovely new Savile Row inspired suits from M&S [click here to see the full range] Bob is a very smart guy, and I think he deserves to look good when he turns up at Church Events to represent the Nonconformist Clergy  [his Anglican mates can wear what they like under their fancy embroidered vestments] I’d choose this suit below for Bob  - it is in the big & Tall range [he is 6’4” tall] so I know it would fit him properly, and suit his new trimmer figure.
m&s big&tall
So please, St Michael and all the angels at M&S, would you consider Rev Bob for your man-over challenge blog competition, and kit him out with some gear that actually fits? Thank you.
[and I know that Bible verse about the attitude of the heart is of more importance than a man’s outward appearance. I can assure you that my beloved’s heart is in the right place – but his wardrobe isn’t. And right now I am as poor as a church mouse. Help!]


  1. Good luck with your entry. Looks like a winner to me!

  2. Fingers crossed...that shirt HAS to go!
    Jane x

  3. LOL I can't help but laugh. It looks like one of my husbands shirts! He just loves those, especially in the summer, and to wear to church.:-) I think maybe it's the "times". Years ago, when our children were small, it was coat, tie, and dress pants for Dad, and the little boys were in suits with bowties or ties. I don't see that anywhere anymore. I know how you feel.:-) Good luck!

  4. A great post Ang! If I was on the judging panel I would definitely heed your cry for help! And yes, I think you need to get rid of that shirt ESPECIALLY for preaching in!!


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