Thursday, 20 September 2012



Three of yesterday's flowers are already on greetings cards, winging their way to friends and family.

  • One is a thankyou card to some friends for their recent kindness to me
  • One is a wedding anniversary card – congratulations to my brother Adrian and wife Marion – celebrating TWENTY YEARS together. Where has the time gone?
  • One is a birthday card for my best friend Christine, whose birthday is TODAY.

The present is also for Christine – but you’ll just have to wait till I come to Cornerstones again, Chris, as I cannot post it!


  1. I like making things from bright printed paper. Haven't in ages. Nice thought!

  2. These are great, Angela! Nice to receive something someone took the time to make. :-)
    ~ OK, I lasted a week, but I missed my blog friends, so I'm back. I really like visiting your blog. :-)


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