Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Blooming Marvellous!

DSCF4612This is how to make flowers  like the ones we produced at our Connexion Group last week.

First of all you need to cut out nine circles of paper or thin card. I used an old magazine and chose a full page advertisement which was in reds and whites.

Cut out your circles with a punch, or a circle cutter- or draw round a small lid or cup and cut with scissors.


DSCF4613Now fold all your circles into quarters and crease firmly. Then open out EIGHT of them and turn over so that your chosen colour is face down.

Fold back two equal segments at the bottom of each circle. These should be at right angles, using the chords which join the points where the folds meet the edge.

I hope that makes sense – here are two I folded to DSCF4614show you.

Do this with all eight circles then turn them over again.

Now fold those two wings back so the folds you just made lie along the centre crease.

Here you see one circle, two completed ‘petals’ and two petals where I DSCF4615have only folded in one side.

Repeat this till all eight petals have been folded.

Now on your ninth circle, put a piece of double sided sticky tape and peel off the backing


UsingDSCF4617DSCF4618 the folds as a guide, stick four petals on in a cross shape







DSCF4619Now tuck the other four petals in to make a complete flower. Put half a Sticky Foam pad in the centre


Stick on a button or sequin to finish off your flower…


[You can see this one is not quite perfect – there is a tiny gap between two pairs of petals] Use them to decorate cards or presents


A whole bouquet of blossoms, ready to be stuck onto some cards


  1. This would have been an ideal project for when I was teaching lower grades. Think of all the ways you can upgrade this idea -- make your own patterned paper, or use fancy wrapping paper, make variegated petals by using two colors for your circles, use a small pearl for the center...lots of ammunition for creativity here.

  2. Lovely tutorial. Thank you Ange x x

  3. Fab instructions - I can think of several folk who would love to make some of these!!

  4. Oh gosh, these are fun. Thanks for the tutoria! :)


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