Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sunday Funday

fireworksthames2012The last few days have been manic – the funday was brilliant, and eventually, after all the clearing up was done Bob and I set off for London.

We had a good journey down the M1 [he was driving, I was knitting]

We crossed Tower Bridge just as the fireworks display along the Thames was happening.

Wow - I am so sorry I couldn’t get to the camera to take pictures. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We stopped overnight at Liz’s flat [she is on holiday in Morocco]

plasa 2012 

Monday we went off to the PLASA exhibition at Earls Court then left London to return the inflatable church to Didcot [so missed the big Olympic Parade] and finally came home.

Yesterday was the Great Clearing Up Day and in the evening, I was hosting the Connexion group. Pictures of that later. But here are all my Fun Day Pictures

The inflatable church was really popular. The Meditation Garden [borrowed from our friends at Groby who used it back in May at their funday] also generated lots of interested.



The attendance was very good and the weather was lovely


Three friends relaxing in the shade on the sofa [Kieron, the Ice Cream man was doing a roaring trade]


Hayley was Face Painting non-stop, Bob worked hard as ever in the Sound Tent, and Tom the Rector proved to be a natural at ‘rolling over a deflating church to squeeze the air out’ [I may sell this picture to the Church Times]


It was great- wish you’d been there


  1. What a fun day you all had. Of course it takes such a lot of organising, but it looked as though it went perfectly.

  2. That looks like a lot of wonderful fun!
    I love the photo of the three friends. They look happy.

  3. Us too- we would have been the family who didn't move from the bouncy castles all day!


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