Friday 21 September 2012

What A Corker!

definition; slang – meaning ‘that is a remarkably excellent thing or person’

Here is a group of thirteen corks, hot-glued together. It looks like some sort of stylish ornament – but it is completely functional


This creation was Bob’s brainwave. When I arrange the flowers in Church, I buy them early, trim their stems, then stand them in my deep flower buckets to condition them.


I have four of these buckets, and when not in use, I store them, stacked, in the garage. But they kept sticking together. Bob made me three of these cork separators – and I drop one in each bucket before putting the next bucket in on top.

Brilliant - the buckets stay separate, and the air circulates so they dry out and do not rust! Stylish, nifty and thrifty - what a corker!




  1. That is a great idea!
    I collected corks for a long time,then when Chris's niece visited from the UK (when she was 6)we used them to make cork 'paintings' on the floor. Kept her amused for hours on end.
    Jane x

  2. I think you should just sell them as Modern Art. You could make a fortune and we won't let on, promise!!

    Arwedd xx


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