Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Tale Of A Tenner

At our recent Village Fun Day, somebody found a ten pound note on the grass. They took it to Bob at the Sound Tent, who announced this over the PA [Will the owners please queue up over here…]

But nobody claimed it!


So two weeks later, Bob held it up in church and asked for suggestions as to what to do with it. A number of people suggested Gwen should buy things for the Mizpah Orphanage, as she is visiting them in India this autumn - but young Sophie said if she had it, she’d buy materials to make things to sell at her Macmillan Coffee Event. So she was given the tenner. I went along this morning, and discovered that with the help of her Mum, Jo, she’d produced

…truffles, in cute little boxes


...candy cane mice [neatly packed in CD wallets]


..and among the vast display of stunning cakes


…some chocolate crispy cakes


There were lots of people there when I dropped in this morning, so I hope they made lots of money. Bob is away, but I bought him a crispy cake to enjoy tomorrow evening when he returns. [and in case you are wondering, he said that if anyone was upset that Gwen did not get the £10, then they should go and give her a donation themselves!]


  1. What a worthwhile cause.I went to Sally's Macmillan event this morning and we had a great time!

  2. As I sit here abstaining from sugar (but not coffee!), these pictures are pure torture. But beautiful! Nicely done, young Sophie!


  3. What beautifully packaged sweet treats. And I see the pictures this time! Yay!

  4. That is a real use of talents, isnt it. What a lot of lovely ideas she had.

  5. I wonder how much that tenner made? I think you all made the right choice.


  6. Well done Sophie! She would have made much more than £10 for a good cause with this lot - it's a living example of the parable of the talents, isn't it?!

  7. That's a lovely story, well done Sophie.


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