Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Christmas Giveaway

On Tuesday in Sherborne**, we saw our first Golden Post Box


peterwilson shooting

Peter Wilson, born, bred and educated in Dorset won a Gold at the 2012 London Olympics, got an MBE from the Queen, and now has retired from competitive shooting – at the age of just 28.

Anyway, the sight of such an attractive post box reminded me how lovely it is to receive things through the post, and I decided it was time for another giveaway. My half-term reading included some new Christmas craft mags, and I have some other bits and pieces [including a vintage Martha Stewart Christmas Cookie Book] So if you think you can make use of these, please comment on this post, and on the evening of Thursday 12th, I shall pick a winner. Due to the cost of postage being so high, I am afraid I am limiting this one to UK only, sorry!


**I thought Sherborne was a very pretty town, but the weather wasn’t so good, so I didn’t take lots of pictures. Every year the British Legion has a window dressing competition, and some of the red and black poppy themed windows were amazingly good. You can see some of last year’s displays on the BL website here. There was a busker playing his accordion standing next to the postbox – we passed him three times in the course of our visit – and every time he was playing the same Mexican folk tune, Cielito Lindo. We had to learn that when I was studying Spanish O level. [listen here] 

From the Sierra Morena, they come down, pretty darling,
a pair of black eyes,
which are contraband, pretty little heaven,
A bird that abandons his first nest, pretty darling,
if he finds it occupied, he
well deserves it, pretty little heaven.

That mole you have next to your mouth, pretty darling,
don't give it to anyone,
for it belongs to me, pretty little heaven, 
Cupid launched an arrow in the air, pretty sweetheart,
He shot it towards me playfully,
and I've been wounded. pretty little heaven.

Ay, yai, yai, yai, sing and don't cry,
because singing gladdens the hearts, pretty little heaven.

Maybe he hoped that if he kept singing that song, the heavens would desist from raining, and become a little brighter and prettier!


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate a gold medal winner for all to see.

  2. I wish I had known you were to be in Sherborne I'd have popped along to say Hello! What a pity the weather wasn't good for your visit as it is indeed a lovely town and the golden stones look so much better in the sunlight. I wonder if you passed my old School - just opposite the Waitrose car park and the lovely gardens opposite it which was where I used to play netball in winter and tennis in summer months - a long time ago now!

    1. We hadn't planned to go to Sherborne, we just ended up there on our Tuesday Exploration. Now I know where it is, perhaps you and I should PLAN a meet sometime? Yes I saw your school, and Waitrose too. We had a lovely snack lunch in Olivers nearby

    2. Yes let's do that! It is easy for me to get to and I'd love to meet up one day.

  3. I don't want to enter the giveaway, as the lovely items would be wasted on me - my crafting is severely limited at present. However, I did just want to say that I was thrilled to see a golden post box in Aberdeen a few years ago, positioned appropriately in Golden Square! Had to have my photo taken alongside it. I also remember watching Peter win that gold medal and being incredibly impressed by his composure.

  4. Ooh, yes please. Include me in! I saw the gold post box in Lincoln earlier this year.

  5. I am rather partial to Christmas craft - although unlike you - I find I don't often get time to make the lovely items dreamed up in magazines. Still, its nice to dream. Mim

  6. I'd love to read some new ideas for Christmas craftiness : ) - thank you

  7. I only saw my first golden post box a few weeks ago however not only one but TWO! Side by side in Milton Keynes. Unfortunately I cannot remember which gold medal winners they were for. If anyone wants to visit they are by the central shopping area, across the main road, the John Lewis end and Next side. I always enjoy your posts Ang and it is very kind of you to put together such a lovely giveaway.

    1. If you want to know who a post box is for see
      The Milton Keynes ones are for Greg Rutherford (long jumper).
      Hope you don't mind me butting in!

    2. Thanks - that's a helpful link - now I know there are two in Dorset and one in Norfolk I can look out for.

  8. I remember driving through Bradford on Avon when they were actually in the middle of painting it! We were all so excited!! I'd love to be the random winner, as I have decided this year I'm not buying any new Christmas craft magazines, I'm going to reread some of my old ones ! Penny Lxx

  9. These magazines look like they would be interesting to me, I'm always looking for new craft ideas! You could send them to KM if I were to win!
    By the way what is the book with the purple cover? The illustrations look like they could be by someone I know!

    1. The purple one is "The Spirit Of Christmas", it has a CD inside the cover, and the illustrations are by Jane Tattersfield.

    2. ok, thank you, it isn't the person I was thinking of. They must have a similar style of drawing.


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