Monday, 9 November 2015

The Celebrations Continue

I made Bob a huge birthday cake [using the tin purchased for the wedding cake] It was a chocolate sponge with very wobbly icing!
The family came down Saturday afternoon, and in the evening we went to Bellagio’s for a meal. Good service, and great food.
I did not photograph everyone’s food – but Bob’s meat-mountain starter of antipasto was quite astonunding, and Jon’s main course Calzone was huge!
I enjoyed a shared Bruschetta starter P1020495with Liz, pollo y pancetta pasta, and then profiteroles. Mussels, meatballs, salads, strudel, and ice cream also featured. A venue to be recommended [thank you, Jamesons & Farmers for introducing us there]P1020506
Then on Sunday Morning, after a great Remembrance Day service, we shared the cake in the Church Hall.
I think we have done enough celebrating now, for the time being!
It has all been great fun though.


  1. I'm glad you got to celebrate as a family! And I'm sure the cake tasted delicious. Please wish your husband a very happy birthday from me.

    1. Thanks! despite my anxieties about the cake it turned out surprisingly well. I still cannot understand this oven , it seems to have a will of its own!

    2. Happy Birthday Bob! And remembering cutting out poppies last year with you both...can it really be a year ago?!

  2. A Very Happy Birthday to you, Bob.

  3. Oh what a lovely celebration! Happy birthday Bob!x

  4. Happy Birthday, Bob, from all your strawberry fans xxxx

  5. Thank you all very much - I've had a great year!


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