Monday 30 November 2015

Which Craft?

P1020673Over the weekend, I hung a Health and Safety sign on the door – I had the iron plugged in on one side of the room, the sewing machine on the other, and I really didn’t want Bob to come in and have an accident. Today I plan to stay in all day with the sewing machine and other equipment, getting my stock ready for Saturday’s Christmas Fayre [my spellchecker isn’t keen on that spelling of Fair either, but that is what it is called]

I re-purposed an old Alpha Banner [sorry Nicky Gumbel] and spray- painted the back of it – so that is ready to be hung at the church.


It is only seven weeks since I was away at the Connexion Conference, teaching friends to make Kusudama flowers- and I am quite thrilled that they are continuing to make them – look at all these pictures they have posted


The pink ones were made with drawer liners from the poundshop – so they smell good as well as look good! I hope to have a jug of them to sell on Saturday along with my other crafts. [that is assuming today does not have too many interruptions]


  1. Best of British to you Angela! And Good Luck to Bob if he runs the gauntlet lol.
    I'm rather jealous though, I haven't had a good crafty session for ages. Though I have started colouring in the evenings, thanks to a birthday gift.
    X x

    1. He came into the room VERY carefully, looked round and said "Is there ANYWHERE safe for me to sit?" I have promised to tidy up by Friday night, so I had better get back to work now

  2. The flowers are beautiful! Best wishes for the Christmas Fayre. I hope to have a sewing day tomorrow, and am really looking forward to it after the last frenetic few months.


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