Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Host Of Golden Memories

Marguerite-PattenWednesday was not only Bob’s birthday – but also the centenary of the birth of food writer and broadcaster, Marguerite Patten, who died in June –one of my favourite cooks. It has just been announced that a daffodil is to be named in her honour.

She was one of the earliest members of the Guild of Food Writers. The daffodil, which will be named Narcissus ‘Marguerite Patten’, has been sponsored by the GFW and bred by Ron Scamp of Quality Daffodils in Cornwall.

The final selection of Narcissus ‘Marguerite Patten’ will be made by Patten’s daughter Judith Patten in Falmouth next spring; the ultimate choice will reflect Patten’s qualities as – "modern – vibrant – with a twinkle in her eye." In autumn 2016, a limited edition of Narcissus ‘Marguerite Patten’ will be offered to members of the GFW,after which it will be on sale to the public.

Judith Patten said: "My mother’s garden burst into colour every spring with the proverbial host of golden daffodils (hundreds of them) … None were picked. She loved seeing them from virtually all the rooms in the house, and bought cut ones for indoors. For her final four years we had a new voyage of discovery as I did my best throughout the spring to fill vase after vase in her nursing home room with a large variety of types, some bought locally, others sent in boxes from Cornwall, enabling us to marvel at the different scents and the complexity of their shapes. They really did light up her room, her life and her smile."


How lovely that her favourite flower has been chosen for this tribute, sunny and golden. She was so full of life – and for almost a century was a great encourager of ordinary people cooking family meals. I look forward to seeing the chosen flower next year.


  1. My first cook book was by Marguerite, it was Cookery in Colour and I still have it. Over the years I have collected a few more to join it.

    1. Cookery in Colour was the book my Mum always gave young couples as a wedding present. Sadly her copy got lost somewhere.

  2. I still have my copy of Cookery in Colour given to me by a friend back in 1963 - I used it quite a lot over the years.

    I didn't know that Marguerite Patten loved daffodils. Lovely tribute indeed.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment! I feel likewise about your blog and I was most touched.x


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