Thursday, 19 November 2015

The First Christmas Card Of The Year

This week has been our WWDP Residential in St Ives. We gave been working hard planning for the 2017 Service, from the Philippines. On the final day, everybody puts one Christmas card into a basket, and we all take one. It is a good way of doing things. I like to make mine specially. So this year, I adapted the ‘diamond’ idea from our UCF Christmas Tree ornaments, and stitched one with a WWDP logo on the back. Then I mounted it inside a card with an aperture. It is suspended by a loop of silver thread from a button at the top. A tiny length of cotton at the base secures the ornament, so it can turn [but that can be snipped, so the recipient will be able to hang the diamond on their tree]. I hope the friend who receives it likes it.

wwdp 2015

This will be the first card I am sending. I made 100 cards in January just before we moved. If I don’t find the box labelled “Christmas Cards for 2015” very soon, it may be the only card I send this year!


  1. It is beautiful, you clever lady!!! And to have made 100 is Amazing!!! I found a whole stash of cards which I am going to use for mine!

  2. That is truly a lovely card! If you don't find the rest of your cards in time for this Christmas, I hope you find them in time for next Christmas.


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