Friday, 13 November 2015

Shop Till You Drop?


That is certainly something I prefer not to do. This morning I went off to Castlepoint, Bournemouth’s big out of town retail park. As well as a large Sainsburys, there’s also a big M&S, Lakeland, a NatWest bank and the library. I had some tokens to sort out, and books to return, so this was a good destination. I wrote a list.


It was amazingly sunny when I arrived, everything in a pre-Christmas mood- the reindeers already to light up the way for Santa. [bringing back fond memories of the lovely shining herald angel at Fosse Park in Leicester]

fosse park angel


Outside Boots, Pudsey Bear was busy with the bucket for Children In Need.

Last year I made all those Superman Cloaks for CIN at Stafford Leys School






I took all my shopping back to the Underground car park, and collected my library books from the car. I was feeling rather nostalgic for Leicestershire, I admit. I was going to phone Bob , but then the heavens opened and it started raining cats and dogs. I dashed into the Library. and then I couldn’t find my mobile. I emptied out my bag, took off my jacket, checked the pockets…nope, nowhere. A man asked if my lovely felt flower brooch squirted water “No, but it makes people smile” I replied – and we both smiled.

I felt better then, chose a few books, and returned to the car. I drove home, wondering if I should have called back to M&S in case my mobile was there. Back in Ferndown, I parked, then fetched the house phone, stood on the drive and dialled my mobile. I followed the sound of the ringtone, and discovered the mobile, slipped down inside the boot under my groceries! [and no, I was not stupid enough to pick it up and answer it!]

I got all the things I wanted, in a relatively short space of time, used my vouchers as planned and came home again. They tell me Castlepoint is open till 8 – but I am not sure I’d want to be out shopping then, I am definitely a ‘morning person’!

When is your best time to go shopping? Or do you do it all online?


  1. Im always misplacing mine. greetings from a freeeeeeeeeezing cold platform. I am so cool, I forgot hat, scarf and gloves and it is perishingly cold and the train is already 25mins delayed!!!x

  2. I'm a morning shop person too, the sooner I get out, the sooner I get back again and the thought of going out very late to look for reduced items in the supermarkets leaves me cold

  3. I fully recommend Castle point after about 6pm though, as it's so much quieter! Being a very disorganised soul, I once shopped there for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve evening. It was practically empty!! Mind you, I do try to avoid going there as much as I can!


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