Sunday, 15 November 2015

Shifting Shadows

I had a good laugh the other morning, I was sitting quietly in the kitchen, and I looked down at the worktop – and saw the shadow of Mickey Mouse sneaking up on me…


…but I was mistaken – it was two soup spoons in the milk jug!


Did you ever play that game as a child making shadows on the wall with your hands? [back in the old days, before colour TVs, Playstations and tablets – when simple things kept us amused]handshadows

My grandparents were brilliant at it – creating wonderful creatures in the lamplight. Shadows can be very frightening – they do not always accurately show what is creating the image. And sometimes, when you see what is actually casting the shadow [like the soup spoons, or Grandad’s hands] it is quite innocent. And when the light comes from different angles, the shape of the shadow can change enormously – what used to be called ‘shadows of turning’ I love these comforting words in the epistle of James

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

paris attacks 11 15

My thoughts and prayers this weekend are with those in France, who are ‘walking through the valley of the shadow of death’ right now.

mlk eiffel tower


  1. Indeed! Yes I do remember finding shadows amusing long before TV's Play stations and so on! How very true are Martin Luther Kings words. What is ever achieved by violence? Why can't we all live peaceably together in God's wonderful world? As another blogger said prayer is the only thing we can offer that can make a difference.

  2. yes, shadows are amazing. I remember a guy on the Paul Daniels Magic Show making amazing puppets with his hands when I was about 11. I have this very distinct memory of him making a different rabbit which moved its eye from side to side and he made it say, "Galaah, Galaar, galaah, galaar," as he did it!x

  3. I can make a butterfly, and that's about it!!

    I remember that man on Paul Daniels too.

  4. I remember making shadow pictures as a child. :) I am praying for an end to violence.


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