Tuesday, 10 November 2015

This Is A Stick Up!

The new Christmas Stamps for 2015 have just been revealed by the Post Office. For some time now, the annual designs have alternated between sacred and secular imagery. The PO Website tells us that “this is a religious year” – so here they are

Xmas 2015 Mini Stamp revised artwork

2nd class and 2nd Large - The Journey to Bethlehem
1st class and 1st Large - The Nativity
£1.00 - Animals of the Nativity
£1.33 - The Shepherds
£1.52 - The Three Wise Men or Magi
£2.25 - The Annunciation

You can buy a presentation sheet with Bible Verses on it too, if you are a philatelist and want something for the album. Click on the image for a better look!

stamps sheet

I do like the 2nd class stamp [in fact, I think they are all rather good]


Whilst I post fewer and fewer cards each Christmas, I like to have a good stock of the nativity stamps, to use all through the year!


  1. These are nice. The best ever I think.


  2. They would make lovely little Christmas cards wouldn't they although I am guessing they'd be rather expensive if you used the parcel ones!

  3. How refreshing. I shall see if our local PO has them.

  4. I love them, too ! Wish our post office thought it was "a religious year". Personally, I think every year is a religious year.....

  5. I like those stamps! Yeah, for the postal service!


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