Friday, 27 November 2015

Soup, Beautiful Soup

P1020624We cleared the remaining veg from the raised bed. The salsify was pencil thin, and the half dozen carrots were very small – but we harvested them anyway. Next year I hope to get a bigger harvest.

P1020625But the escarole had gone wild – completely bolted. I cut it all down, and trimmed off a washing-up bowl full of leaves.

“That ought to make plenty of soup” said Bob. So I looked at the Fern Verrow Cookbook, which I had just collected from the library, and decided that the Nettle Soup Recipe would be a good starting point.

fern verrowP1020626


Here it is. It’s a tiny bit too salty [my mistake] but rich and green and comforting on a cold day. And made entirely from ingredients I had to hand – six generous portions.  We ate them promptly – I didn’t want to freeze the soup for fear of intensifying the saltiness.


Do you like my lovely cookbook stand? – I have wanted one like this for years, and spent part of my  Lakeland [birthday gift] Token on it. It is efficient, stable and does what just I want!


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