Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Greater Love…

At church on Sunday we each had a red heart, and wrote on it the name of someone we had loved and lost [maybe due to war, maybe not]– these were assembled into a display of poppies



Someone told me afterwards that they were so pleased to be able to write the name of their brother, who never returned from WW2. Another person was wearing his WW2 medals [on the left breast] and his father’s four WW1 medals [on the right] He was especially proud of his father’s Meritorious Service Medal [with the crimson and white ribbon] – there are not so many of them around.remembrance 2015

Everyone was given a sprig of rosemary – the traditional herb of remembrance, and encouraged to crush the needles and smell the perfume. Even when you put the sprig down, the lovely fragrance lingers. It is good and important to keep the precious memory, even when the person has gone…We will remember them…


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  1. what a lovely way to remember someone you have lost...


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