Thursday, 26 November 2015

Double Diamond Works Wonders

News this week that some blokes up north are planning to revive the old beer, but under a new name [Dual Diamond]

double diamond

Not being a beer drinker, this is of little interest [but I am old enough to remember the advertising jingle] and furthermore, I do not want to be involved in the production of any more diamonds for at least a year [or bunting either]

P1020656All forty of the ones for the Christmas Tree Festival have been returned – just a few needed a little bit of finishing off – but they are in the box, ready for 1st December.



I also made a star for the top of the tree [the other side is the same, but stitched in green] Well done to the 3 dozen people in the team. Somebody asked me if there would be any on sale at our Christmas Fair on Dec 5th. So I thought I should probably make some for my craft stall.


These are slightly small than the ones we made at church, all Christmas fabrics – but not all in green/red – and they have beaded trims. I put one or two word slogans on – love, peace, joy, Noel etc I can’t decide what my selling price should be though.P1020662 Suggestions?

Once everything was done, I took my original prototype diamond, and cross stitched a label for it, so that I have a new decoration for my tree here. And that’s it! No more of these, I am going cross eyed!


  1. The decorations are beautiful and a lovely memento of your own


  2. These are beautiful and you are kind and wise and clever!!

  3. Not sure if I'm liking the new name. It sounds like a name for oil or petrol!!I don't drink so I don't mind anyway. You've been frightfully busy, Angela. Everything is so lovely and of course, a nice distraction from making 'wee' stuff. Have a great weekend. x

  4. They are so cool! Wasn't sure if my phone comment saved or not!


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