Monday, 16 November 2015

Everybody's Body Needs A Bottle Stop!

E.B.N.A.B.S. was the Milk Marketing Board's advertising slogan of 1984**. Milk is a very important part of the nation's diet, and our dairy farmers need support. You only have to listen to an episode of The Archers to realise that [OK, I know it is fiction, but it does reflect the problems of the agriculture industry] Sainsbury's [who claim to give 70% of the price the customer pays back to the farmers] have produced this little video about what they are attempting to do. I do hope this is accurate - but Hugh FW's recent programme does leave one somewhat concerned about the behaviour of our supermarkets.

**We had two small children then - so in our house, the slogan was amended to Everybody's Botty Needs A Potty Stop!


  1. I wonder! I have a friend who once said to me that she couldn't worry about the farmers or the cows she needed to be able to afford the milk! If she thinks like this what about thousands of others to whom cost is the main criterion and never mind the farmers or the cows. I buy organic milk from the farm gate and hope that it is what it says on the bottle and not another con.

  2. The change in the saying is cute. Dairy farmers are going the way of the blue goose over here, USA. It's almost a 200 mile round trip but I try and support the smaller Jersey dairy farmer by buying his milk, cream and yogurt.

  3. I always buy organic milk so I.hope that that farmers get a fair price for thatx

  4. I was working for the MMB in 1984. Gosh! That was a lifetime ago. They were dreadful, small minded, mealy-mouthed employers. We had to buy the milk we used in our tea-break!

  5. I try and buy Organic as well but I'm not sure it helps farmers. It doesn't say so anywhere. Having watched Hugh FW programme about waste and the way they seem to bully farmers - it makes you feel a bit helpless


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