Sunday, 25 September 2022

Crown Jewels

My turn for the children's group this week. We are at the 'forgiveness' part of the Lord's Prayer. So I am reusing an idea I did 4 years ago in Dorset. We made crowns from paper plates. They said "wear forgiveness like a crown" and 
"be kind to one another" and they were decorated with button 'jewels'
With the Royal Funeral on Monday, it seems fitting to have a crown-themed craft. I found a free colouring picture online for the children too. We all need work hard at forgiveness - nobody is perfect, and it is important to acknowledge genuine repentance.
I am looking at that photo from 2018 and realising my hair is a completely different colour now. I had it cut on Friday, at the hairdressers in Dereham. "Have you been here before?" she said "August 24th 1979" I replied. "The day before my wedding!"


  1. Oh, I do like your crown, although it reminds me more of Lady Liberty's crown!
    I bet the hair dressers were both surprised and pleased to hear that you had been there before on the eve of your wedding!

  2. The colouring picture is sweet and you can't go wrong with crowns. Granting forgiveness is not always easy but essential for our mental health and freedom of spirit.

    1. Forgiveness is not easy, but as you say, it is important 😊

  3. I spent a good part of yesterday and today prepping for my craft class on Tuesday. Some hand stitched hand warmers with cherry pits inside, and 2 perfumed sachets using lavender/ tumble drier pellets. Spare room smells gorgeous. Catriona

  4. That sounds great. How do you warm the hand warmers (microwave? And for how long?)


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