Wednesday 11 November 2009

Be Still, And Know That I Am

the missal I just came across this painting by John William Waterhouse called "The Missal" depicting a young girl kneeling with her prayerbook.

JWW did a lot of stuff in both classical and Pre-Raphaelite style, perhaps his most well-known subject is The Lady of Shallot.

I love the detail of the girl's clothes, her peaceful pose kneeling at the prie-dieu, the lovely vase of lilies on the table behind her, and the open windows showing the orchard outside.

We have been incredibly busy lately, and some days it has been hard to find those precious quiet moments for prayer and reflection. But without them the days would be even more unmanageable.

This morning, at the end of playtime, we stood at 11am for our minute's silence - I was struck by how remarkably quiet and reverent the children were this year [even the tiniest ones]

Praying that in the ever accelerating headlong rush towards the festive season, you too are able to find a moment's peace.


  1. Beautiful picture :) Thanks for sharing.
    My littlies went to the remembrance assembly - they are usually a lively mischievous bunch who never ever shut up - lol! They were quiet for the whole 2o mins and silent for two whole minutes - all the staff were amazed!! They got tons of stickers from the Head afterwards!! You are right "a day hemmed in prayer seldom comes undone"!!

  2. What a beautiful pictures. You are right, the details are just exquisite!

  3. A lovely calming painting. You could find so much just by sitting looking quietly at it.

  4. I wish YOU a joyful season! You will find yourself extra-busy, I'm sure. I pray that you have some sweet, quiet moments with the Savior.


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