Monday 2 November 2009

Things Are Looking UP!

pixar UP

An early birthday treat for Bob - after the ritual "Monday Maplin Visit", we spent part of our day off at the cinema, watching the Disney/Pixar animated film "Up". It was great fun, we went to the Cinema De Lux at Leicester Highcross, where the film was listed as "Up U" which we felt was a little impolite! The guy who was selling tickets hadn't noticed that before and was equally amused when we pointed it out.

DSCF0836 This was our first experience of 3D Cinema, and the issue of the glasses caused even more mirth. Afterwards I insisted on taking a photo of a Bespectacled Bob - then another staff member offered to take a pic of the pair of us together.

I won't say anything about the film [the website is here] other than it is beautifully animated, the storyline is clever, there are all sorts of perceptive details in the story - and I would recommend it to all ages. It is definitely a 'feelgood' film.

I came out of the cinema on a high, wanting a bright helium balloon of my own. Bob went into the Disney Store [the sign said "Exchange your Up Cinema Ticket for A Badge"] to get me a balloon badge - but apparently our tickets came from the wrong cinema. [Only ones from "Vue" 5 miles away qualify] Never mind!

DSCF0839 Instead we wandered back to the car and called in at the new Independent Arts Centre which is just being developed in the building which was formerly the Walkabout Nightclub.

Two guys outside were painting busily


Inside [no I have not been in there before!] the gallery space is still being prepared, but they are selling teas and coffees. It is an interesting building - there was part of an earlier drainpipe system high on one wall, which we decided had formerly been an external feature.[Some fresh paint would improve it though!]


After a coffee, we got to the carpark, passing a wonderful "Italian Police" motorbike en route.


Bob was a little disappointed though, to discover that a favourite shop, Reverb, has closed.


This shop has proved very useful in the past for 'last minute' PA purchases. Now their nearest outlet is Birmingham.

We stopped at the village library and collected a stack of books and then came home for the evening. Altogether a lovely day off together before the start of another busy week.


  1. We never got to see Up, but it has been offered to the boys as a Christmas present, so I think it may become family festive viewing.

    Thanks so much for your email about the poppies. We have salvaged one from the wreckage, and we will look at your website for further info - thank you!

  2. Love the glasses - you look like two naughty children playing Monday truant from school :) And I have to say Ang you look like the ring leader in all this naughtiness!

  3. We saw Up this summer and liked it very much. And when I saw that picture of you and Bob I thought it was a picture of Bob and one of your daughters. Going to the movies has made a girl out of you!


  4. Oh, your day off sounds WONDERFUL! I wish you a fun balloon! I love them!


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