Monday 30 November 2009

Everwood - Gone Forever


Back in late September this year, I  stumbled across a TV programme called 'Everwood' on E4. It looked interesting -  centred on  a widowed neurosurgeon who had moved with his son and daughter from New York to a small town in Colorado to begin a new life. I like "The Archers" and I like "Lake Wobegon" on the radio - the storylines set in a small community are usually easy to follow. There is a small pool of main characters and I got into the series very quickly.

everwood cast

When I discovered it, E4 had only shown a few episodes, and I quickly caught on. I set the recorder to tape each day's programmes, and then 'speedwatched' them later as I knitted and sewed my Christmas gifts. In under 3 months, I have watched the entire thing - by showing it daily, E4 got through four series very quickly - and now it has finished. Two TV stations merged and they just stopped making it!! E4 airs the last episode today. I will never know what happened to all those people...

And it is probably a good thing for me that it is over- all the gifts are finished now, and I do not have time for 38 minutes of mindless TV each afternoon [an hour's programmes includes a lot of opening credits and ad breaks which you can easily miss out. But had to stop using "FF>>x32 " during the Advert breaks though. It went too fast for me and I kept missing crucial bits of the plot!

If you missed it completely - imagine a cross between 'Doctor Finlay' [Scottish 1962-1971] and 'A Country Practice' [Australian 1981-1993] but set in Colorado [American 2002-2006]

Am I the only person who has been watching this in the UK? I have asked around, and nobody knows what I am on about! Apart from Steph, who is very media savvy, and said "That's the thing with doctors in beards and plaid shirts isn't it?"

Not sure I shall watch much TV over the next few weeks - but recording Flash Forward, Spooks and Delia Smith anyway!


  1. Although we have English TV that is one I've not come across.

  2. I'm so out of it when it comes to TV. I'll have to check Everwood out on Netflix. Now, I'm curious.

  3. I've been watching it. I loved it!
    So sad that its not coming back. What a beautiful last episode it was too.

  4. i have been watching it n am sad it is no longer on...altho i found nothing mentioned it was the last episode on monday 30th...n was looking 4ward to seeing what happened between hannah and brit and the abbotts on the baby and nina and andy and ofc amy and ephram

  5. I only dicovered by accident that it was the last episode. There were so many loose ends not tied up properly. I checked it out and they filmed various possible endings, including one where Madison returns with the baby, and one set 40 years hence at Amdy's funeral!!


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