Sunday 8 November 2009

Decluttering Conundrum

Having a big pre-Christmas 2009 Tidy-Up [or perhaps its a Post-Holiday Tidy-Up...or even, horrors, a Post-Christmas 2008 Tidy Up...] Anyway, in the middle of a sheaf of papers, I found a sheet, printed in thirty two languages [including Slovak, Indonesian, Finnish and Thai] with this dont bin it logosymbol.

It says  "This symbol indicates that this product may NOT be treated as household waste" and goes on to give dire warnings of the dangers to the environment if I put it in the wheelie bin. Only the problem is, I have absolutely no idea to what product this sheet of paper is referring!

The sheets of paper on either side didn't give a clue either - one is "How To Get A Beach Body Diet" from June 2006, and the other is a voucher for a free bottle of wine at a local restaurant [valid during September 2008] I didn't manage to get the beach body or the wine!

And presumably the sheet of paper can go in the 'paper recycling' bin, even though it is printed with the "don't bin it" symbol?


  1. My boys have that symbol on their electronic games, and anything with a battery in it has one too - doesn't narrow the field much, does it?

  2. I vote for "How to Get a Beach Body Diet"--it definitely presents dangers to the environment and one's peace of mind!

    Or ... yes ... it is the sheet itself that presents the danger! That sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie ...

    Sigh. Now I should go do some pre-Christmas tidying too. It's on my list, I swear.


  3. So I am lookng for a battery powered Diet Aid then?


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