Thursday 12 November 2009

Bizarre Bazaar

Back in June, I blogged about the M&S retro stuff and what fun it all was - but that I was not going to spend my money on it!


I loved these tea towels - but could not justify spending £7.50 on three of them.

Well, M&S sent me an invite to their Christmas Penny Bazaar, and so I went along.

They had about a dozen items priced at 1p each, and you were allowed to choose just five - which had to be all different, and then make a donation to the British Legion Poppy Appeal. The queue was quite long - and I got into conversation with the lady behind me [whose name was Carol] She said she had really wanted to get two of the children's jigsaws for her grandchildren - and I said I had hoped to get a pair of mugs. So we each got a puzzle and a mug, plus three other items, then met outside the bazaar area, near the food section, and swapped. I confess we were giggling like naughty schoolgirls!

I was utterly thrilled with my items- 2 mugs, a notebook, a tea towel and a little savings tin. And much happier donating to the Poppy Appeal than swelling the coffers of  M&S! Is that bizarre of me?


I'm afraid that unlike the other people who then left the bazaar section and proceeded to fill their trolleys with other stuff [we'd been given further vouchers for 12.5% reductions on purchases over £35] I just clutched my little bag and left the store quite happy with what I had.

Sainsburys have just sent me a load of 'triple nectar points' vouchers. Seems like everybody wants my custom at the minute!


  1. Brillaint idea, and it seems you handled the heady thrills very well!

  2. those are adorable - I wish I had time to go to M&S!

  3. Have just got back from our M&S penny bazaar - we could use our voucher even if we spent less than £35 so I got two lovely tops for our Moms for £6 each. Our charity was a medical research charity - one of the assistants' sister died of this disease so we were giving to that.
    We all chatted in the queue too :)

  4. This does NOT happen in France! However, I did get a free elephant from my supermarket today....wonder if it will be expensive to feed?

  5. You are a thrift queen! A smart one!


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