Tuesday 3 November 2009

Still Going Up!

Floss asked on her blog recently how people mark Advent. When the girls were small, we hung up an Advent calendar with pockets and they received tiny gifts each day. My favourite cousin Gill has a birthday this month, and so I decided I would make her an Advent Box. As this is the time leading UP to Christmas, all the little gifts would have an UP theme. First I made a list of possible 'up' items.


Blow up-balloon, Brew up-tea bag, Brush up - toothbrush, Bubble up-Foam bath, Chew up - gum, Clean up-eraser, Cover up - shower cap, Cuddle up - small soft toy, Cut up - nail scissors, Drink up - sachet of hot chocolate, Eat up – sweets, Fasten up- buttons, Frame up-picture frame, Freshen up-cleansing wipe, Hold up-fridge magnet, Light up- candle, Listen up-earplugs, Look up-glasses wipe, Make up- cosmetic sample, Mark up - bookmark, Measure up-tape measure, Peg up-clothespeg, Pin up-Safety pin, Play up - pocket game, Pucker up-lipstick, Roll up- tiny skittles game, Save up-coin, Sharpen up- pencil sharpener, Smarten up-comb, Soften up - handcream sachet, Stir up-teaspoon, Stick up-glue, Stitch up - mini sewing kit, Stretch up-elastic band, Strike up – matches , Sweeten up-sugar sachet, Tape up-Sellotape, Toss up- dice, Throw up - ball, Tie up-ribbon, Wake up - small coffee sachet, Wash up-Soap, Write up-pencil

The list had more than 24 items, because I wasn't sure I could find them all! Having found a full set, I printed out a list of 'clues'


Then I wrapped them


And put them in a pretty box, with instructions on the side



Gill is not on the Internet, so I am safe posting this idea as I know she won't see it! What is annoying is that I have just spotted a spelling mistake on the label [an extra 'i' in her name!] Oops! I've messed UP there!

This was very quick to put together and not at all expensive. You could easily adapt it for young children and think UP more ideas for the contents.


  1. That's inventive and fun! May I do a link to it some time this month, please?

  2. The year before last I sewed a little advent calendar for my nephews. There were pockets for each day, into which I put chocolates. They use it every year now, so it is a gift they get to use time and time again, without having lots of cardboard and plastic to through away each New Year. If you are interested the picture is here - http://picasaweb.google.com/craftycripple/crossstitchcomplete

  3. Floss - feel free to put a link anytime
    Chrissy - I cannot seem to make the link to your picasaweb album! [undoubtedly I am doing it wrong!]

  4. Chjrissy- yes I WAS doing it wrong - it is beautiful - you put lots of work into that. What a lovely gift to use year after year!

  5. Enjoyed catching up on reading your posts! Lots of fun with the Advent idea! Thanks!

  6. I love this idea! It's fun and it wouldn't cost a lot. I know my girls would have loved matching the clues and opening a little gift when they were small:>) Thanks for participating!

  7. Wonderful idea, Angela!! I miss our advent calendar~it fell apart!!! I like how you used the clues...so darling!


  8. What a great idea, and so whimsical too. I love, the possibilities are endless, and you certainly inspired me to try this. My girls would love this idea, they are always begging me for an early Christmas gift. Now they would have 24.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Hope you all having fun wrapping this one UP!

  10. This is a wonderful idea...and fun for both the giver and receiver. I really like this and will try it for a friend.


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