Saturday 7 November 2009

Me, Myself, and I

I'm having a Small Rant here - when did people decide it made sense to use the term 'myself' in place of 'me'?

Is it supposed to sound more intelligent or something? Because I do not think it does.


I was speaking to someone about a problem in arranging to see her, because she had changed her working days so she only worked at the beginning of the week. "Yes" she replied "It is difficult to get an appointment with myself these days"

It made her sound almost schizophrenic.

And an interviewer on Radio 4 [it is dumbing down, I tell you!] has just asked someone "And what did yourself think about it?"

I have noticed it in report writing too - "The pupil spoke to myself about the incident..."

Is there something wrong with me ?


  1. I've always assumed that people use 'myself' like that when they're a bit paranoid about the level of their English - they think they're making themselves more refined by using what they consider to be a more up-market version of 'me'. Of course it then creeps into common use when other people hear it.

    It sounds like this has got worse since I left the UK - I used to notice it, but not mis-used as badly you're describing. English speakers who leave the country retain a kind of fossilised version of the language as it was spoken when they left, I've noticed.

  2. me phobia strikes again.

    As for me, when I use 'myself' myself it is mostly in a meme.

  3. This usage shows a lack of understanding of grammar, and miscommunicates. In the first case, the woman is saying that she needs an appointment with herself, maybe in order to get some time alone? In the second, the report would lead one to believe that the writer *is* the pupil.
    But you are right, people have an aversion to using "me," and it seems to be spreading.

  4. What a relief to me your comments are. I,myself,am glad I am not alone in this!
    However, I now have a wonderful mental picture of a Fossilised French Floss


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