Thursday 26 November 2009

HOW Many?

700 It is blogpost SEVEN HUNDRED! Can you believe it?

Today is also Thanksgiving in the USA.

I shall have to celebrate all this with a blog giveaway! - put a comment between now and midnight Monday [i.e. before December] and I will pull a name out of the jester hat and send a bag of pre-Christmas goodies to someone.


  1. 700! That is quite an achievement, Angela! Thanks for running a giveaway - I would love to enter if you are prepared to post to France...

    That book looks great. Happy 700th post.

  2. 700! My oh my! Well done :) I'll raise a cup of tea to 700 more, at least. *raises*

  3. 700 is huge! I am at 400-something...and that's alot ... I've enjoyed getting to "know" you a little :)

  4. How did you arrive at 700 so fast?! Congratulations!
    You are a very prolific writer! While I sit and wonder what on earth to write about you are composing yet another two or three interesting posts!

  5. Count me in as you count your way beyond 700. I enjoy your blog as so much of your life seems to be in parallel with mine. Why write my own when I can read yours! Helen Heath

  6. Wow, I'm impressed - although I hope that doesn't mean we've had 700 fewer 'real-time' conversations!


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