Tuesday 24 November 2009

Madwoman In The Attic

Thirty six hours of rest and recuperation at Cornerstones - wonderful!

Although there were a few minor hiccups.

Like a very late phone call from Steph was was really quite poorly - and I felt so far away and wanted to be there for her and mother her properly.

Like Bob saying at 4am "Are you awake, darling?" [Well I am now!] "Why is the window flashing?" - it was an ambulance, one of our neighbours was unwell.

DSCF0944 Then the man came to quote for loft insulation. Under 8o square metres, there is a fixed price of £175. Over that the price rocketed - to £470! We went off to check Homebase, and builders' merchants etc to see if DIY was cheaper. Prices for rolls from these various sources varied between £56 and £650.

We ended up buying 14 rolls of this stuff [that meant two trips in a tightly packed car from Homebase to Cornerstones] and have just put the rolls into the loft for now.

Felt like the first Mrs Rochester, being a madwoman in the attic, as Bob passed all the rolls up the ladder. I must re-read Jane Eyre again [and The Wide Sargasso Sea, the very clever prequel by Jean Rhys]

The insulation can be unrolled and fitted properly next time!




As is usual when we are there, Bob went into full-on chef mode [OK, eggs and bacon isn't a great culinary masterpiece, but it I appreciate the break from cooking, and he really enjoys himself]

I hung the bunting!


Then after tea we watched a programme all about loft insulation! Very bizarre - it was from the very factory where our stuff had been made! Spooky!!!


We got back early this morning and went straight to work - Bob to his Study, me to the sewing machine [more on that later] Then after lunch I took the car for its MOT. I walked up into the City [against the wind - exhausting] and had a somewhat frustrating time trying to purchase the stuff on my list. You would have thought it would have been easy to find a new washing up bowl! Finally I succeeded.

Then I tried to buy a pack of cheap clothes pegs in the Pound Shop - only they had been reduced to 75p and the assistant could not get his till to print a receipt with that price on it!!

Also got all the stuff I wanted for family Christmas gifts. Eventually.


Leicester is looking wonderfully Christmassy


...but I did think Santa's Grotto in the Highcross was very poorly lit. I am not sure if I was a parent I would let my little one in there!

All year they tell the children to avoid strange men, then suddenly, mothers are encouraging children to sit on the lap of a strangely dressed bloke with a long cotton wool beard.

I missed the bus I wanted and so was very late getting back. Bob had put jacket potatoes in, which was helpful [I bought some lovely sausages to go with them] - and I have spent the evening preparing Sunday's sermon whilst he went out pastoral visiting.

And now I am going to watch CSI and then sleep!


  1. All that and you had time to blog? Go to bed, woman!

  2. Ang, have you investigated grants for loft insulation?
    Leicester looks lovely....but you are right about Father Christmas. I thought they were not allowed to even touch children now?!

  3. I haven't been into town in ages, I must go and have a look at the decorations, though to be honest I'm not keen in going late enough in the day to appreciate the lights.

  4. Leicester does look pretty. When I lived there (as a very young girl) one of the few things I remember is the Christmas lights looking beautiful one year.

    Oh and your bunting looks fab :) What is it about bunting that is so cheerful? Lovely stuff!

    Sera x

  5. The pictures of Leicester with the christmas decorations up make me a bit homesick. Although I don't miss the mass commercialisation of Christmas (I was recently told my next dentist appointment would be on December 25th and had to politely ask if it could be a few days later!) I do miss seeing the lights, etc.

  6. I agree with Floss--my goodness, I'm worn out from just reading this post. But I did enjoy the pictures of Leicester and Bob cooking. I always enjoy pictures of men cooking ...



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