Monday 9 November 2009

Count Your Blessings

When I count mine, Liz and Steph are up there at the top of the list - two lovely daughters of whom I am very proud. Prof Heinz Wolf once bemoaned the state of English education, and said "We have forgotten to raise children who are articulate, literate, numerate and manipulate" [not sure if that is an adjective, but I get his meaning, he certainly didn't mean manipulative!]

Well my two have all those qualities - and watching Sesame Street with them was certainly a good part of their education. Liz recently sent me this link - I like the Count, and she likes bats!

Keep Counting!


  1. The Count is adorning Google today:

  2. We love the Count,too! It IS a rich blessing to have children we adore AND admire!

  3. personally I like Elmo because he likes being tickled, and Oscar, because he's messy and grouchy, like me!

  4. I"m thinking Sesame Street today too! We especially loved the Swedish Chef and Cookie Monster. Fun times.


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